Melissa Howes-Vitek


I'm obsessed with being brain rarely turns off (except when I'm digging in my garden), which is great and exhausting all at the same time! My creative energy is fed by everything from a browse through a hardware store, a few weeks spent with my nieces and nephews, to the personal stories of my clients. It all goes in the hopper and eventually comes out transformed into some cool idea just when I need it!

As a decorator/designer, my job is to facilitate the needs and desires of my client; to give them a space that reflects them, not to give them a "Melissa" space. I don't believe in white ceilings but I do believe that sometimes “mistakes” lead to something even more amazing than was originally planned...happy accidents, I like to call them! As an educator, my job is to give the students the resources and encouragement they need to be successful while fostering excitement in the process.

I'm lucky, that for over 20 years, I've had the privilege of traveling to fabulous places to work with wonderful people. And while I appreciate the fact that I get paid to do what I do, nothing beats a hug and a happy tear from an overjoyed client!

*Melissa has appeared on HGTV and Discovery Channel as a guest on The Christopher Lowell Show, Decorate with Style, Today at Home, Home Matters, and The Kitty Bartholomew Show. Her work has been published in Decorating Ideas Magazine, Paint Decor, Decorate with Paint, House Trends, and Eastern Home and Travel.